Why use Tape Converters?

Why use Tape Converters?

  • Professional tape transfer using the latest high grade video decks
  • Video transferred onto archive DVD with a 50 year lifespan
  • Converted by a team of friendly multimedia experts
  • Free tracked courier delivery on all orders

Simple Any tape, any length, any format pricing

  • 1-4Tapes - £14.99 Per Conversion
  • 5-9Tapes - £9.99 Per Conversion
  • 10-49Tapes - £8.99 Per Conversion
  • 50-99Tapes - £7.99 Per Conversion
  • 100+Tapes - £6.99 Per Conversion

All pricing includes free courier P&P

How Tape Converters Can Help You

We are Tape Converters, one of the UK’s leading tape conversion companies.

Most people don’t realise that VHS and Camcorder tapes tend to last only around 20 years, after that the footage deteriorates rapidly and the memories can fade and be lost forever. We are experts in, and love, bringing peoples’ memories back to life, which not only allows them to save and protect their videos, but enjoy and share them with familiy and friends.

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If I had to sum up the service from TapeConverters.com I would say fantastic, they converted all my old Camcorder tapes and more than that they were actually really friendly and seemed to care. Refreshing in a world where a lot of businesses forget how important customer service actually is!

Brian S. Leighton Buzzard